Film used in agriculture applications is of different nature, and one the worst for  any recycling line is the mulch type , used if transparent, to encourage early season plant growth,  early cropping, and to provide reflected sunlight for the plants.  The black type instead, is used to control weed growth. Most mulch films are 10 to 50 microns in thickness and used in widths up to 3 meters.

Other film types are the ones used for silage, tunnels or greenhouses which are generally thicker and multilayer sometimes made combining another polymer with LDPE or LLDPE.


These films will always be very polluted by different contaminants which apart from soil and sand can be fertilizers, agrochemicals or oils.


Knowing from which application it is coming, is important to define any recycling line.


A recycling line will include a manual selection, shredding, pre-washing, washing and drying