The  garbage line can be engineered in many different ways, according to the composition of the garbage  available/existing on the site.  Quantities of wet  and dry material present will affect the number of machines required. 

The collected garbage are downloaded into a ditch with a capacity equivalent to one day work.

A semi-automatic system take (withdraw)the garbage by means of a grab crane, positioning it onto the first conveyor belt  feeding the line. This is equipped with rolls for dosing the material in order to feed the line with a constant amount of product.

The first separation unit  is a trommel to remove most of organic from the garbage. Inside the screen there are blades to open most of bags to improve separation.

Materials out of the trommel, are collected onto different conveyor belts with different length and after further manual sorting, all plastics, mainly packaging material, film and bottles present will be removed and dropped onto different conveyors . 

Bottles will be automatically sorted by material, HDPE,PET,PVC, and ,subsequently, further sorted by colour