Polyethylene is the most common material recyclers are dealing with and not that simple to handle. We do suggest to run all kind of film into a pre-washing first to make the rest of the job easy for any washing line. This gives not only the advantage of better and easier washing but also increases a lot granulator blades time life, meaning less downtime and therefore a lower operating cost. Easy to understand all flexible materials are difficult to be cut at industrial rates so we do use a single shaft shredder for “pre-cut” and only after pre-washing a granulator as final cutting stage.

Washing lines come complete with pumps and all connection for water circulation inside the system and piping to connect mechanical and chemical water filtration according to the different kind of contaminations. Also air can be filtered to avoid any kind of contamination inside the building.


Washing of LDPE or HDPE film is not big issue because dirty is only sitting on the surface and any good working centrifuge can do the job well. Of course, sink-float tanks are compulsory for separation of  “heavier than one” items or other plastics for protection of centrifuges and quality of final product. Centrifuges in any film washing line are used for the double purpose of washing and drying so are the most important parts of this kind of line. High angular speed machines are the ones manufactured by us to get the best results. A good performing dryer improves washing by removing a very high percent of water and therefore surface contamination. As final stage, a hot air system is require to get moisture content down to less than 4% to be ready for pelletizing.



Our pelletizing lines are well known for some excellent features, not only for a very good compounding and high capacity but also for a very low energy consumption compared to any other machine. All heating zones are provided with infrared lamps with parabolic mirrors and driven by electronic controls with high precision. All machines can be equipped with DC motors or AC self-cooling motors with inverters to save even more energy and give more reliability to the whole system. Touch screen driving panel and full automatic control by means of a master PLC control. This gives outstanding performance to our extruders with improved mixing capacity, possibility to feed materials with up to 4% moisture content and/or heavy printed film delivering a solid pellet in any case.