One of the easiest ways to separate different materials is the separation by air.

Purposes of air separators are veryy different and, with different sizes,are used for the following applications:

To remove steel, stones and sand from shred film; because film is much lighter than that contamination, film flakes will be sucked up by the blower while heavy stuff will fall down to the bottom.

Another very common application is to separate plastic labels (LDPE, PP, PS and sometimes, PVC) from PET flakes.

The same device is used as well to separate fines created by the various machines along the line, delivering a dust-free product at the end with little efforts and costs.

Of course there are much more sophisticated devices to get the job done if efficiency of the device needs to be higher.

Anyhow, because our philosophy is to keep things simple, we do suggest to have more than one separator in series to get the same results.