Washing machine with controlled friction running into self generated hot water (NO STEAM NEEDED).


Feeding hopper with force feeding of flakes going inside.

High speed high friction rotor with interchangeable rods spinning into a 8 sides thick wall chamber made out with manganese steel.

Three set of grids let water and dirt out while filtered clean water is continuously going in contact with material.

The machine creates itself the heat to increase washing effect and temperature can be adjusted according to the water going inside.

Electronic system to automatically keep the motor current at a certain pre-set level stated by operator. Extraction by means of a thick auger driven by motor-reducer and inverter, conveying flakes directly into rinse-dryer.

Side bearings grease lubricated and water cooled for long life.

Power transmission by means of pulleys and V-belts.

This machine is working with chemicals solution for complete removal of glue content.


All metal surfaces are degreased and painted with RAL5012 blue paint before delivery.