Continuous mixer to receive pre-washed flakes and keep them under chemical solution for a stated period of time.

Five shafts driven by five single motor-reducers move material toward the extraction while making a certain amount of friction for better “wetting” glue and other contaminants left.

Extraction by means of a screw conveyor driven by electronic control in order to keep material inside the machine for a constant amount of time that, accordingly to the capacity, range from 20 to 35 minutes.

The difference between the standard “mixing pot”, which is the most common device, for this operation, and this machine is highlighted by two main points:


  • the guarantee of a stated residence time compared to the ”pot” where the last flakes fed into it can go out first and some others can reside into it theoretically forever.
  • The chemical solution flows counter-current opposite to the flakes direction, in order to have all the time clean liquid toward the outlet, right before the flakes leave the machine, it is continuously extracted and conveyed to a filtration unit to remove glue and other residues before coming back to the preparation unit.