A feeding hopper is found at the very beginning. This hopper is equipped with an auger driven by a motor-reducer that pushes flakes under the surface of the water to the agitation system.

The agitator releases the surface tension between flakes and water to let all heavy flakes sink while small air bubbles can stick to the surface of the other materials with a different specific weight and make them float.


So, while labels and other materials will come to the surface, heavy flakes will sink to the bottom where an auger, driven by a motor-reducer, will convey them toward the end of the tank.

The work of the bottom horizontal auger combined with that of another inclined auger (where the heavy flakes are conveyed) guarantees a continuous extraction of the sinkable material outside the tank in order to continue in the next machine.

The residual water is forced to a service tank equipped with two centrifugal pumps with open impeller.

Of course, body tank, augers, waterfall, agitation and dewatering systems, all hydraulic connections are manufactured in stainless steel.


All metal surfaces are degreased and painted with RAL5012 blue paint before delivery.