Mix Plastic

Plastics arising from electrical and electronic waste account for 20-40% of the mass

but over 50% of the volume

Technologies to separate the various materials – such as shredding, magnetic and

Eddy-current separation, air and density flotation –are applied to relatively clean, concentrated feedstock, hence deliver  very good separation results. 

In the lifetime of plastic components many factors can degrade the polymers’ properties

such as loss of additives ( anti oxidant for example), or the eventual  inclusion of foreign bodies in the polymer matrix leading to a reduction in material mechanical properties such as strength due to stress concentration effects.

These problems are overcome by improved washing technology, which can include a prewashing step and a hot water washing, adding additives in the final extrusion process, and the use of melt filtration to minimize the level of foreign parts.

The latest developments in optical sorting allow also the separation of a flame retarded polymer from a non retarded one