PET as other plastics is an abrasive material and therefore wears out in shorter or longer time metals, steel included.


The most used  type of machines for PET bottles are Granulators , wet or dry type, selected  according to the process used and other parameters such as contamination, productivity, etc.

In the wet ones water is added into granulator while cutting, to get a kind of pre-washing, with a standard size grid 12/14mm.

Using dry granulators, always equipped with standard size grid 12/14 mm. ,blades life is a bit shorter, but granulator can be equipped with a powerful aspirator to increase production (always comparing it to the wet process) and  all labels, paper and plastic, can be removed by a pretty simple air separator, making the life of the rest of washing line way more easy.


In all cases Blades should be sharp as much as possible all the time, otherwise the edge of the flake will be indented and, as a consequence, trap some air making it floating into separation tanks and causing some other small problems.