Searching among few thousands of filtration systems, we finally found the way to do it in an economical way and without having extra sludge, pretty expensive to get rid of. 

The system used is a DAF (Dispersed Air Filtration) system working with the aid of flocculants and coagulants to make the glue, and whatever else solid, to float.

Water is in contact with a polyelectrolyte and a coagulant that jointly trap the contaminant and “flocculate” it, meaning they incorporate it in a larger flock.

This flock is conveyed into a larger capacity tank where there are billions of small bubbles(dispersed air) which trap these flocks and take them to the surface.

An automatically temporized scraper working on top, carries what has become a kind of “foam” outside the filter by means of a pump, extract the contaminants and  the clarified water is re-circulated  back to the process